Careful. Your stupid is showing.

So for those of you who didn’t know, last night sagu students had a bit of a crisis on their hands.

What happened was that any social network was put under time limits. Trying to visit any site like facebook, twitter, or myspace and even youtube and hulu were blocked with this message: “You have 60 minutes of quota time remaining. Click if you want to use ten minutes of your quota time.” So basically, to all outsiders, it looked as though sagu was now trying to be our mommy and limit our internet time.

Students freaked out. And by “freaked out” I mean complete pandemonium broke out among saguers and they started saying things that they definitely would not say in front of their grannies.

let me share a few facebook statuses.

“I’ve never been one to throw a huge fit… but if SAGU keeps this ‘quota time’ thing… Well I won’t be too happy.”

“.. this is straight up garbage!!! i am a 20 yr old man who pays for this internet and i cant use it, they block youtube, hulu, facebook… im not less of a christian because i get on those sites..”

And my personal favorite:

“BREAKING NEWS: SAGU BECOMING AMISH! Students came to the realization tonight that a 1 hour time limit had been placed upon websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, & HULU. Reports say one student after receiving the news broke out past curfew, climbed the water tower, & luckily was talked down by security. A march …onto the Admin front steps is expected for tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for further developments.”

I’lll save you the suspense and just tell you that it was a computer glitch. Sagu definitely did not mean to do this.

Now. All that to say this: people are crazy. There was totally no reason to get so upset! It really says something about someone’s character when they jump on and attack things without understanding the whole story or thinking over it rationally. I’m personally pretty dissapointed in our student body. It seemed as though so many of them were just waiting for an opportunity to slam sagu. And thats not right.

We should be proud of the school we go to! We should trust the administration to not do things that are unnecessary and petty. We pay too much to go here to be so condescending towards everything about it. If you hate it so much, don’t be here.

And in other news, now you’re lookin like a fool. With your pride on the ground. Good job guys. ha.

Alright. That is all I have to say on the subject.


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