Please Ole Miss. Please do this.

So apparently Ole Miss University has been without a mascot since 2003, when the school decided that their mascot the colonel, was too old fashioned and might offend some minorities.

So, the school has been asking students to come up with a new mascot to represent their team, the rebels. And in true awesome form, some star wars fans have suggested Admiral Ackbar, the leader of the rebel alliance who led his fleet into the battle of Endor, to be their new mascot.

I’m gonna voice my opinion here guys: that would be freakin awesome! I’m pretty sure there’s not much of a chance of this happening. But if it did, enrollment at Ole Miss would probably increase. Just saying. And the University would have like ten times more street cred.

On that note, if sagu ever decides to change their mascot, I suggest Hong Kong Phooey. That is all.


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