Dear Conan, I will follow you wherever you go.

Many, if not most of us know that Conan O’Brien is no longer the host of the Tonight show. If you don’t know this, it’s probably because you either live in Bulgaria, or you are completely immune to pop culture news.

Though he was only on the show for less than a year, he was a favorite in many of our hearts. Before doing the Tonight Show, he did the Late Show for 16 years. But now, he is without a show, and his only opportunity to talk to the public is through Twitter, on which he has over 400,000 followers (including me, because he is freakin hilarious).

Now the real news here is that there is some serious talk about starting a live theatrical tour that would combine different elements of his life and career. A Conan stage play! I would see it for sure. So far, he is the funniest unemployed man in America, and I think a stage play that would be similar to his talk shows would be absolutely worth seeing.

So, dear Conan, please do not disappoint. Bring us your funnies. America loves you.


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