Let me tell you a little something about girls.

Alright. Today I have decided to compile some of my favorite analogies of girls. I will also give my opinions. So buckle your seat belts boys, you’re about to get a little peek into the mystery of women. Keep in mind though, that I am only talking about sane, rational women. I am not including the crazies in this one.

Analogy 1:

Girls are like phones. They like to be held and talked to, but if you push the wrong button, you’ll be disconnected.

Okay now what I would like to say about this is that, yes. We do like to be held and talked to. However, we are not that touchy. I know that girls can tend to be a little sensitive, but we are not just waiting for you to mess up so we can walk out the door. Non-crazy girls want to believe the best about you, and they want to make relationships last. Like on a phone, there is only one, maybe two ways to disconnect us. And it’s usually by pushing the big, obvious, red button. So just don’t push that one and you should be good.

Analogy 2:

Women are like Newspapers. They’re well worth looking over, they have a great deal of influence, and they always have the last word. Also you should really get your own and not go borrowing your neighbor’s.


I like this one. I think it’s pretty accurate on a lot of counts. I’m just gonna leave this one as is.

Analogy 3:

Women are like guns. Keep them around long enough and you’ll want to shoot them.

Yeah, well we feel the same about you. It happens when two people spend too much time together.  Take a break from each other. And get over yourselves.

Analogy 4:

Girls are like Ferrari’s. Beautiful to admire, difficult to maintain.


Let me just tell you, high maintenance girls are no bueno. Girls require work and effort, yes. But a girl who cannot be pleased should be left behind so you can find a girl who can be. Trust me, they exist.

Analogy 5:

Girls are like Rubik’s cubes. You can never figure them out.

My response to this comes primarily from the wisdom of my mother, and pretty much sums it all up. So here goes.

How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube.

First look at the cube…take time to study it. Learn about the cube. Take an interest in it. Don’t rush this stage but don’t take too long either. If you stare at the cube too long it will only start to intimidate and confuse you and you will never move on the the next stage.

Next pick up the cube. Don’t ask the cube how it wants to be solved. Have a plan, determination and confidence. Don’t wait for the cube to solve itself or tell you what move to make.

Lastly, if you have given it some time and effort and still cannot solve it, move on to a cube that is not so jumbled. Leave that one to the weirdies who have nothing better to do with their time than waste it on a screwed up cube.

Well boys, now you know. I hope you learn from this, because I promise that the girls in your life will be glad you did. That is all.


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