Cool stuff I want.

Today, I’m just going to give you a list of the most awesome things I know about to date. Someday I will have many of these things. Maybe.

Redundant clock

Obviously, this clock is not made for its practicality, but it is really cool.

Riding Vaccuum

If I had one of these, I might actually want to vaccuum.

Probably not though.

Aquarium sink

You know, because it’s cool.

Who doesn’t want to wash their hands with fish?

This trash can

I want it because every time I throw trash away,

I want to feel like I’m feeding someone.

Om nom nom.

Ninja Stars

These are stickers.

I want them because, well…Duh. They’re ninja stars.

And they’re awesome.

Salt and pants

Salt. And pants. It’s the best combination.

Also, it’s space efficient. A welcome addition to any meal.

Face stickers

If I had these, I would feel much better about talking to inanimate objects.

Everything would be so much more fun.

This is my list so far. I’m sure there are more. so be looking for Cool stuff I want part 2.

The end.


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