A trend.

My friends, times are changing. Gone are the days of good, clean, funny tv. No longer can we expect men to open our doors or women to like it when they do. This is a new day.

These changes aren’t all bad though. For instance, in the fashion world, it is no longer a hard and fast rule that one can’t wear white after labor day. Bed head is an acceptable hair do. The eighties are over.

The trend I will discuss, however, is not one of those progressive changes I’m talking about. Socks with sandals.

Seriously guys. These are legitimate fashion photos. People are actually trying to say that this is an acceptable way to clothe yourself. Let me just tell you, It’s not.

No matter how hard you try with your clunky heels and crazy colors to make this look trendy and fresh, I will stick to my opinions that this just looks like your grandpa from Miami picked out your outfit.

Now let me explain, I am no fashion square. I have been know to try a few fashion forward things here and there that my parents would deem “tacky” (i.e. black nail polish). But this look, my friends is just too much.

Do what you will, fashionistas of the world, but this socks with sandals look will put you in the same category as this guy.

I think I’ve made my point. That is all.


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