Dear Nintendo: you are amazing.

So I just found out that Nintendo is making plans to release a 3D DS. You heard me. 3.D. They’re calling it the 3DS. Clever. This handheld device won’t require glasses either. It would seem that Nintendo is at it again with their groundbreaking technology offerings.

Really, Nintendo has been at the front lines of cutting edge technology since their first console, the Super Nintendo. And they haven’t disappointed since.

While there is no word on the price, the games, or the gameplay, it seems pretty straightforward to me. Most analysts are skeptical, because there are so few details, and the announcement came from Nintendo in a rather unorthodox manner. But I’m no analyst, so I’m completely free to geek out.

This thing is gonna be awesome and I can’t wait until my cousin gets one so I can play it. Just saying.

Okay. That’s all folks.


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