Crowd control is HOT!

Meet Bhut Jolokia: the world’s hottest pepper. This little guy is hot. In fact, he is said to be 1,000 times hotter than the average kitchen chili. I mean, this guy is really, really hot. Did I mention it’s a hot little pepper?

Okay. Now what makes this chili news worthy is that India has decided to use it as a weapon. The pepper is to be ground up in to a powder, and then put into a grenade, making a non-lethal, but very effective weapon. the little hand grenades will be tossed into groups of rioters, and is guaranteed to break up the rebellion.

This chili bomb will cause the insurgent’s to stop, double over in extreme pain, and cry out to their mommies. Apparently this pepper causes the throat to close and the face to start flooding itself out. Yowzers.

I guess India is looking for all sorts of ways to use this ridiculously hot pepper. It’s being tested on fences to keep animals out. It’s being tested in the coldest parts of India because apparently it raises the body temperature of whoever eats it. Dang. That’s a hot pepper.

I wish India would have consulted Dr.  Heller, the non-lethal weapons specialist from Mystery Men. It would be way more awesome to have a blame thrower or a tornado-in-a-can than a pepper bomb. But oh well. Nobody asked me. (Btw, he isn’t a senior citizen. He’s just there for the ladies.)

Anyway I just wanted to share this hot new form of crowd control. I expect it to be in vogue by Next spring.

That is all.


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