Oh we don’t take buses around here.

Are you bored with your usual form of transportation? Are you looking for a new, exciting way to get around? Do you like carrying your little brother around in a jute sack? Do you live in Colombia?

If you answered yes to these questions, then this is the story for you. 40 miles southeast of Bogota, Colombia, a system of 12 steel cables is the only way a handful of families can get to the outside world. The children of this small community have to ride these cables a full half of a mile every day to get to school.

This little girl , Daisy Mora, has to take her little brother across in a sack because he is too small to ride the zip line on his own. So basically, she gets to stuff her bro in a bag so she doesn’t have to hear him in the morning. Score.

It’s so crazy. These kids don’t take a school bus. they take a school zip line. They go secret agent status on a daily basis. Can you imagine how awesome that is?

We have a zip line at summer camp. It’s a little less impressive than this one. I’m pretty sure that if these Colombian zip lines got tangled like the ones we have at camp, the consequences are more dire.

This brings me to my next point. Why don’t we have jet packs? You would think that with all of the technology we have access to someone would have mass produced them by now. If kids in Colombia can ride zip lines, we should be able to have jet packs. Just saying.

Okay. Well, go awesome kids. Enjoy your zip lines.


2 thoughts on “Oh we don’t take buses around here.

  1. This is fabulous. Hopefully we’ll be in Bogota this summer picking up our daughter…. we’ll have to check this out.

    You’re so cultured.

    Love from your mother’ friend who knew her back when she looked like you do now, Linda

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