I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but nobody actually cares.

I ran across a news article today (okay it was a celebrity gossip article, but I still ran across it) that interested me. It seems that there is a couple of folks who think themselves very important to the general public. Household names, if you will. They have become an item. They are trying to have a baby. And they are convinced this is big news.

The quasi celebrities are none other then Lindsay Lohan’s dad and some girl who used to date Kate Gosselin’s ex-husband.

No no, I’m not kidding. This is the news. It’s funny, because they really really think that they are news worthy. When asked, they said this: “We weren’t going to announce anything but the paparazzi caught us off guard tonight and we couldn’t lie to them.”

No. The “paparazzi” was not beating down your door to find out what you guys are doing these days. Maybe like, one of your friends who has a blog asked if you guys were gonna make anything official and you were like, “well… I guess we should alert the press since somebody cares.”

I don’t want to be mean here. I think it’s lovely when two people find each other. He speaks very highly of her. But seriously? The dad of a washed up teen star, and some reporter girl who used to date somebody who used to be famous? Not news.

What’s even more ironic though is that this is something that more than one news source is reporting about. When I first read this, I thought, surely, the editor is making a joke by pretending this is real news. But no. It’s on multiple websites. A lot of people are actually spending their time reading about this.

I guess if you have some connection to fame, you can be as famous as you want to be. I just wish America cared more about important things. Oh well. What are you gonna do.

Best of luck to you two. That is all.


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