He knows my name. He knows my every thought.

Let me tell you something: God is amazing. I am constantly baffled by how he knows exactly what I need. He is my favorite part of me.

Lately I’ve been struggling a little with not understanding why some things just aren’t happening for me. I’ve always had this idea that by this point in my life, things would look a certain way. I had created a very specific timeline, and I assumed that my life would go this way without a hitch. If you know anything about my life, you know that this has certainly not happened. I’ve been trying so hard to make a life for myself that I wanted. But I’m learning something.

You can accomplish so much more by surrendering and rejoicing than by begging and pleading.

I have been working so hard to make things happen in my life… I have been praying and asking why things aren’t the way I thought they were going to be. But the more I see God working, the more I realize that I’m glad they aren’t the way I thought they were going to be. God is in control of my life.

I write a lot on this topic, but it’s because it’s something God is really dealing with me about. God is teaching me what it really means to be Christian. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I do nice things and agree with the preacher. Being a Christian means full and total surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Lord means master, friends. We surrender our right to have rights. I have learned that every time I struggle for my rights, I am struggling against God. Only He knows what I really need and He wants to give me that. But what’s even better: It’s usually what I want, too. God surprises me constantly with new things that are better than what I was asking for. If only I would stop asking for things and start asking for Him. I would have all of those things.

Basically I’m just saying that God provides when we don’t realize. New people in our lives, provision from somewhere we didn’t think about… I’m glad He knows me. I’m glad that He knows to give me things I wouldn’t expect because I might mess them up if I did.

I love my God. And He loves me.


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