The new face of world dominance.

Facebook is taking over the world. Don’t believe me? Try getting on almost any site these days and there is a link to your facebook. Often, you are already logged in and ready to comment on whatever you’re viewing.

Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of facebook, has been quoted as saying, “We are building toward a web where the default is social.” Pretty much what this means is that every site you get on will be connected to you via facebook. You will be able to “like” certain elements of a webpage or comment using your facebook profile.

Zuckerburg has set out to unseat Google to “be at the heart of the web experience”. Basically, he wants to take over the world.

I always thought it would look different, world domination. Like, maybe some dark overlord would snarl an evil laugh and then say “the world is mine!” Maybe that’s narrow minded of me.

In any case, we should get used to facebook. It’s here to stay. It’s here to be a part of every moment of our web experience. Hope you like it. It’s happening.

Facebook = The next biggest thing to hit our world. That is all.


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