I am not alone.

Many of you know that I am a grammar nazi. Admittedly, I am far from perfect, but still, I do expect proper English out of people. It turns out, I am not alone.

I read an article on the New York Times about how there are now multiple groups devoted simply to pointing out grammatical offenses committed by dedicated Twitter users. No, I am not kidding, and yes, I do think it’s awesome.

While it is rather unkind to point out one’s shortcomings, someone has to let people know that it isn’t okay to be careless with the rules of English. These are laws, people. Not suggestions. Laws. I have a whole soap-box devoted to grammar and speaking properly, but I will save that for another time.

And now, what started as a simple Twitter account criticizing mistakes, has become a group of entire websites devoted to people’s “Tweets”.

There’s “Tweeting too hard” which is devoted to people who tweet self-important things, like “OMG i was saying how i couldn’t afford the gas to fly daddy’s jet to the riviera this summer, and this barista totally rolled her eyes at me” (Yeah, the economy is that bad.) The founder is pictured here on the right.

It’s fun because Twitter is so silly in the first place. I use it, and I like it. But I understand that it’s pretty silly. I enjoy watching people take it so seriously.

Anyway I wanted to just let everyone know that I am not the biggest weirdie in the world when it comes to grammar. And I love it.

The end.


One thought on “I am not alone.

  1. A fellow grammar Nazi, yay! It irks me to see people scrap English like Kleenex, but I don’t go around sticking a gun in the faces of perpetrators’ faces unlike some. Nice post ๐Ÿ™‚

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