I’ve got high hopes.

This semester is going to be awesome. I can already tell. God has been doing amazing things in my life, and he has placed some amazing people in my life. I want to take a moment to mention a few.

1. My RA. Ashley Lynn Keefover. I love this girl more than words can say. She is an amazing person and I know that this semester is going to be full of growth and love. Praise the lortt.

2. My Roommate. Caitlyn Pitchford. She is so full of enthusiasm… I know we are gonna get along great and have so much fun together. I’m glad you came. πŸ™‚

3. My suite mate. Ashley Mitchell. She is like… my kindred spirit. My bosom buddy if you will. I cannot say enough how much I love her. God has really done something amazing in putting her into my life.

4. My student congress friends. Lauren, Erin, Nicole, Tyler, Justin… I’m excited to be working with you all. This is going to be awesome.

5. My dear friend. Andrew Arceri. I love the times we talk. I love the conversations we have. My life is made so much richer from being your friend. Thank you.

6. Everyone else that God has placed in my life. Kim, Preston, Chris, Becky, Lindsay… I know it is totally on purpose that we are friends. I love you all.

7. And last, but very much not least, my friend Sterling. He’s probably one of the most dedicated of my blog readers. (not including family. πŸ™‚ ) Also he is awesome sauce. A great friend. I would totally read his blog if he had one. πŸ˜‰

Viva la 2010!


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