The joys of singularity.

If you had told me a year ago that I would be praising singleness, I would have thought you were crazy. Seriously. I’ve never really been one to see all of the benefits of oneness. You see, I love relationships. I love having someone to share life with and I, believe it or not, love romance. (Now, I hate chick flicks. But that’s a different story.) And really, I’m going to be so happy when the right person comes along. But to be completely honest, I like being single right now.

It’s weird because I’ve never liked being single. I’ve always been very quick to admit that I would rather be with someone; that I would rather have someone to do things with and fawn over. But right now, the way my life is… I’m glad that I don’t have the complications of a relationship. And no matter how wonderful, I know that relationships are always complicated.

I feel like right now, with everything I have going on, I’m glad to be on my own. I’m glad that I have these last few moments to just do and be and exist without reservation. I’m going to soak up every moment until I find someone worth sharing my life with.

I’m excited to someday have a special someone. But right now, for the first time, I’m excited to not. It’s a good feeling. I am happy. I am whole. I am single.

That is all.


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