What’s it like to be someone else?

Oh my goodness. I believe I have found the most incredible piece of investigative photo journaling in existence. I don’t even know if that’s what this would really be considered, but whatever.

These pictures represent one week’s worth of groceries for each of these families. Take a look.

Now think. Think of how much abundance you have. Think of how every day, there is a family who eats one meal a day, if even that. This is more than just an interesting point. This is a sobering reality about how much we truly are blessed. We have so much abundance that we waste food by the pounds.

It doesn’t make sense that God chose us to be the ones who have so much. We’ve done nothing to deserve it. So give back. Remember next time you look at your full to overflowing cabinets that our driving force as Christians is to meet the needs of the poor and oppressed. Remember the next time you are stuffed full of food and can’t fit in another bite… millions of people on this earth will never know what that feels like.

Give praise to Almighty God. But more importantly, Do not be selfish with your abundance. Never forget how blessed you are. Never forget your responsibility to the rest of the world.

That is all.


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