You go, guy.

I read an article about a guy who just finished swimming the English Channel, which is impressive, but like, people do that all the time I guess. (Not me. I can make it to the other side of the pool. If there is a plate of nachos waiting for me.)

This man’s name is Phillipe Croizon, and the reason he is so spectacular is that this man has no limbs. Did you catch that? A man with no limbs just swam the entire English Channel. Woah. This guy swam 21 miles… with. no. limbs. Talk about determination!

I’m proud of him, you know. Most people would have resigned themselves to their fate. But this guy went ahead and kicked fate square in the butt. He probably said “take that, fate.” I would.

It seems that the whole earth was cheering for him too, because Phillipe’s father told reporters that there were favorable wind conditions and even three dolphins swimming with him as a “sign of good luck”.  So cool.

It makes me want to go do something amazing. I really have no desire to swim the English Channel, but maybe I’ll learn how to lick my elbow or roll my eyes back into my head. I have always wanted to be able to lick my nose.

Anyhow, this guy is my inspiration for today. Thank you, Phillipe, for being amazing. You remind us all that we can do anything we set our minds to.

That is all.


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