Oh come on.

Recently, Katy Perry made an appearance on the popular children’s show, Sesame Street. It’s a common thing for celebrities to be seen on the 40-year old show. Personalities like Barbra Walters, Alex Trebek, The Pointer Sisters, Ricky Gervais (my favorite actor btw), Tina Fey and even Maya Angelou have graced the show with their presence. Even Andrea Bocelli sang a goodnight song to Elmo once.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that a lot of people have been on Sesame Street. And a lot of them had no problems. Katy Perry, of course, decided to wear something totally inappropriate. Yes, she decided to wear a low-cut, form-fitting top… on Sesame Street. Some people. Sheesh.

I really just don’t understand why modesty is such a difficult concept. Like, did she really look at that and say to herself, “Sure… This is good for a kid’s show.” I mean, come on. Modest is hottest. Fo sho.

Thankfully, the producers of Sesame Street, upon hearing so many complaints, have decided not to re-air the episode. Good job, Katy.

That is all.


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