Waiting on Mr. Hilarious.

I have recently become convinced of the fact that my life is a romantic comedy. When I say recently, I mean, about 30 seconds ago, the idea popped into my head so I wrote it down. (Side note – for the next several paragraphs, I will divulge some details about my life that are probably boring and definitely romantic, which are two things I said I would never write about. But don’t worry, it will be amusing.)

Now I don’t just say this because I wish it to be so. You see, I have several reasons for believing this. First, I am single. Not only am I single though… so many people around me aren’t. Three people, just in my small office, are planning weddings right now. No lie. I am surrounded at work by talk of dresses, rings, venues, parents, stresses, and complications. It’s so crazy.

The second reason I’m convinced that I am the star of a heartwarming ro-co (as I like to call them) I’m pretty quirky. I am not like, normal really. I’m an idealist. I know how I believe love should be and I think I’ll know what I want when I see it. I’m waiting for Mr. Right, but he looks a lot different to me than what I think others are looking for. So basically, I believe in the one and I’m pretty picky about him. So there’s that.

Finally, the real reason I believe my life is a romantic comedy is because I tend to be a bit of a cynic, but deep down I’m really a romantic. It’s the perfect character setup. I make barfy noises at couples sometimes and I roll my eyes at all the cheesy lines… but really, they’re my favorite part. I don’t let myself watch chick flicks because I know I get too unrealistic  and impatient about love and romance. I try so hard to keep myself balanced and grounded. And that, my dears, is why I think that someday, (hopefully soonish) some quirky, sentimental, hilarious guy is going to come into my life in an unexpected and probably awkward way and sweep me off my feet. But in a totally realistic way. 🙂

Who knows… maybe he’s somebody already in my life. But I do know that whoever he is, our story is going to make the cutest little script for a romantic comedy. Because Lord knows, the conditions are freaking ripe.

The end.


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