Lucky ducky!

So the chances of winning the lottery are pretty slim, right? Yeah well what about winning it twice? “Balderdash!” you might say. “Such things are simply too preposterous to happen in real life.” Well, first of all, stop talking like that. Secondly, it did happen! To one very lucky guy! (check out the t-shirt. lolz.)

His name is Earnst Pullen, and he has won 3 million dollars in three months! He first won a million dollars, and upon deciding that he was not satisfied, bought another ticket and won two million. I wish I had luck like that. I would like, enter those radio show contests all the time.

Earnst plans to use the money to fix his home in Missouri. How nice. I’m quite sure that given that money… I would at least go on one ridiculousy extravagant vacation. Like, a three month tour of the Meditteranean in an oversized yacht that has fresh pinapple juice delivered daily from Hawaii via messenger dolphins. Or something like that.

Anyhow… way to go, crazily lucky guy. Also your name is cool. Earnst. Awesome.

That is all.


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