This girl will be popular for the rest of her life.

Okay so here’s what happened. A 9-year-old girl decided that she was not pleased with the state of the authority of her school. She wrote a letter to the lovable Jack Sparrow, who showed up at her school. Yes, Johnny Depp, in full Sparrow garb, showed up at this girl’s elementary school to give her a talk about how mutiny is a rather bad idea. This girl… set. for. life.

Now, I am prediposed to roll my eyes at all things Johnny Depp, because he poo-poos our country and all that jazz. But, besides being a phenomenal actor, apparently, he is a really, really cool guy. You would have to be to even think of that!

I think the only bad part of this whole thing is that I wish you could tell this girl it only goes up from this moment. But, in all honesty, Johnny Depp coming to your school is probably the coolest thing that’s going to happen to her. Ever.

Well, bravo, Mr. Depp. Bravo, Mr. Sparrow. Bravo, school administration that let this happen. What an awesome thing.

That is all.


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