So Sioux me.

Apparently, the University of North Dakota is going through some changes right now, and I don’t just mean the fall leaves. UND’s long-time mascot, the Fighting Sioux, has been deemed offensive, and must now be completely removed from the school. Actually, the nickname was deemed “hostile and abusive”.

Now this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. If you’ll remember, Ole Miss had to get rid of its mascot, the Colonel, back in 2003. But, I have a hard time with UND’s mandatory mascot change. I would think that a school basing its identity on a Native American  tribe would be nothing if not a compliment. Now please, I am not being insensitive here, but if a university wanted to make their mascot “the Fighting Polks”, I would first of all, double over in laughter and never recommend that school to anyone, and secondly, be totally flattered. It isn’t like the depicted Sioux Indians were being misrepresented. People were getting tattoos of the fighting Sioux for crying out loud. People love the Fighting Sioux.

It doesn’t matter now though, because the school is being forced into a complete overhaul. Any depiction of the former mascot must be covered over or destroyed. Merchandise may no longer be sold. Even menu items must be changed. All of the following must be renamed:the Sioux Award, Spirit of Sioux Award, Fighting Sioux Club, Sioux Boosters, Sioux-Per-Swing, Sioux-Per-Burger, Fighting Sioux ROTC Battalion, Sioux Laundry, Sioux Fan Fest, Sioux Crew, Sioux Amateur Radio, Sioux Kids Club, Sioux Strong and Soaring Sioux.


Even the athletic arena is in danger, because there are thousands of Indian-head logos and an Indian head embedded in the granite. It is no small task to eliminate the Fighting Sioux.

I think it’s dumb. But, then again, I am not a member of the Sioux tribe. I hope that UND finds another, just as suitable mascot to hang their proud hats upon. So long, Fighting Sioux. Hope to see you real Sioux-n.

Thanks for all the puns.

Maybe UND can be something more PC like the Stanford trees or the Tennessee… Volunteers? Did anyone else know that was their mascot? Forget it. UND? Please become the Fighting Polks. We won’t let you down.

That is all.


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