Just… whatever.

So Paris Hilton was convicted on two counts of drug possession and obstruction of justice. Because she got a really good lawyer, though, she does not have to go to jail and she is instead sentenced to a $2,000 fine and 200 hours of community service. Which, in my opinion, is no punishment at all because $2,000 is probably how much she spends to feed her tiny dog every day. I guess 200 hours of community service is a pretty big deal though.

Anyway the point I’m about to make is this: Paris Hilton is a disgrace to humanity. This is how she showed up to remove graffiti.

High. Heels. Those heels probably cost more than the wall she’s painting. No, they definitely cost more than the wall she’s painting. And those black pants she just ruined could probably pay off my school loans.

Some people… If I were inclined to take her seriously enough to care, I would be completely disheartened at the state of our generation. However, Paris Hilton is just one of those people who is, was, and always will be, completely disregarded among real humans.

Whatever. At least she’s doing something constructive for once.

That is all.


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