It’s caturday!

There is something about cats that makes them a web phenomenon. Whether it’s the glories of lolcats on, or the many hundreds of adorable Youtube videos of cats doing crazy things, the internet loves cats.

I’m going to go ahead and jump on the craze, since I have seen this video pretty much everywhere on the interwebs. It’s basically the best thing I’ve seen all day, although I have only been up for an hour. So that might not be saying much.

Now isn’t that just the bee’s knees? I was totally saying to myself “Oh Maru. What a ka-razyyy kittehh!!” Also I would just like to point out that Japanese boxes are way better than American ones. It’s  just a fact of life.

Alright. Now I am officially a part of the internet kitty fan base.

That is all.


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