You never know.

Today, I cut off ten inches of my hair. I did it so I could donate to Locks of Love, an organization that takes donated hair and makes it into wigs for cancer patients. Now, I’m not telling y’all this so I can toot my own horn. Really I’m not. I’m doing it because I got an overwhelming response about it. My mom put it on her Facebook and she had several people tell stories of cancer patients they know who are really grateful for Locks of Love.

I was amazed at how many people were personally impacted by cancer either because someone close to them had it or even they themselves were affected and had need of a wig. It really just goes to show you… we have no idea what people around us are going through.

It’s easy, especially during this Christmas season to really get wrapped up in ourselves. It’s easy to forget that there are bigger problems than our own and that the world really doesn’t revolve around us. It isn’t that we mean to be selfish, it’s just our human nature.

I implore you, friends, to take a moment to think. Think about someone else for a change. When you are tempted to get irritated with someone who is rude, think about what that person’s life might be like. Remember that you will never know what it’s like to walk in their shoes. Have some compassion. Perhaps the incompetent salesperson is stressed because they have no idea how they will get the money to pay for Christmas presents for their kids. Or maybe the person who pushed you at the grocery store is anxious to get home because this could be their last Christmas with a loved one.

Okay now, I know I’m being at least a little bit dramatic and I know that not everyone has a story and some people are just genuinely intolerable for no reason. But often, people are just real people, dealing with real problems. Just think for one moment that there are people in the world that are suffering. Do something to help them. It is worth your time. I promise.

That is all.


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