Get out your tissues, friends.

Okay. Just… be forewarned… This story I’m about to write is the saddest thing I’ve ever put into words. If you think that’s an exaggeration, read on.

Meet Leao, an adorable dog.

“What on earth is this adorable dog doing in the dirt next to that cross?” you may ask. Brace yourself. Leao is sitting, for the second day in a row, at the grave of her deceased owner Cristina Maria Cesario Santana, who died in this weeks landslides in Brazil.

I’m going to pause for a moment.

I. Am. Heartbroken.

I would like to lift your spirits with an amusing anecdote at this point, but I think that the hope of generations has been lost on this poor, lonely pup.

Come back later when I have eaten every comfort food in sight. I’ll feel better.

That is all.


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