I think American Idol just made me cry.

I don’t watch American Idol. So when I tell you this, don’t put on your judgy pants and be all like… why aren’t you watching TBN? Just know that I haven’t watched not even one minute of the show since Simon Cowell told Clay Aiken to update his style.

That having been said, I just came across the most amazing clip I’ve ever seen out of American Idol. This guy Chris Medina came on to audition and not only did he dominate, but he has one of the greatest personal stories ever. Watch.

Now the part that really got me, was not the amazing love story or the incredible devotion or the absolutely beautiful commitment. What made me cry? Steven. Tyler.

How insanely sweet is he? He is totally creepy looking, but what I just witnessed has given me fresh hope for the future. I now feel as though adorable birds are going to sing to me each morning and that the lemonade will always be sweet and the lines will always be short and that my hair will always look amazing. YOU gave me that, Steven Tyler. I love you. Forever.

That is all.


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