A wonderful mister.

You know what’s a terrible idea that doubles as a really great idea? A man auction. An auction in which the objects to be purchased are men.

This evening, I went to an auction of men. There were many fine young bucks. (ew.) And I would just like to dedicate this post to someone who deserves it more than anyone. The date I bought for $35.00. Totally worth it.

I have before mentioned my friend Sterling. Several times actually. And I think it’s because it is just such a lovely friendship. No pressure, no complications, just two people having great conversations and a whole lot of fun.

Regretfully, I forgot to take pictures. (Sorry, ma.) But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Tonight was much needed for me. He enriches my life and makes me laugh.

When you win a guy, they give you a rose.


So thank you Sterling. You are the best. And not crazy.

That is all.


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