The saddest (and also most terrifying) cat that ever lived.

There’s this cat, Charlie. He’s a loving cat. He’s friendly and loves to be tickled. He currently resides at an animal shelter, waiting to be adopted. This, however, may be more difficult than normal. He’s… Well… Look at him.

He had to have his nose and ears removed to prevent the spread of skin cancer. I want to say that I have hope for the little guy, but as the representative from the Blue Cross shelter says, he looks an awful lot like the Harry Potter villain Voldemort.

Poor guy. He just needs to be adopted by someone who can’t see. And also can’t tell he doesn’t have ears. And doesn’t fear the dark lord Voldemort. Let’s close our eyes and not imagine the kitty and pray he gets adopted by just such a person.

That is all.


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