It’s a day. And a good one, too.

If you’re wondering why I’m posting so much as of late, today is my one year blog-iversary!!! (Thanks mom, for letting me know.)

So, I shall tell you about this day that is the day that commemorates that I have been writing silly things on the internet for a year.

Today, I had my interview for Student Body President. Yes, yes, I am running for prez. I feel as though the interview went smoothly, I wasn’t nervous, and I am excited. Enough about that for now.

Today I noticed that I have 50 followers on Twitter, and I am following 100 people. I hope that never changes.

Today I actually stood in the stir fry line. It was worth the 25 minutes I had to wait.

Today is absolutely perfect weather. A little windy, maybe. But oh well! It is 82 degrees and as sunny as ever! I wish I was outside right now even!

Today I am going to read some more of my book. It’s been enjoyable thus far.

Today, I am okay if I have to wait for some things to work out for me. I know they will, and I’ll be ready when they do.

Today, I look good, I feel good, I love my friends, I’ve seen people who make me smile, I’ve spent time with people who love me, and I intend to do more of that before the day is over. I have decided (with good reason) that today, February 21, is my day. I’m going to put on some shorts as soon as I get off of work and sit outside. I might even get dinner to go. I want to bask in this lovely day God gave me.

Happy anniversary, blog. Happy day of realizing I love my own thoughts, me. Happy day of being supportive to me even when I’m boring, everyone who reads my blog. I love us.

That is all.


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