I more than definitely want to meet/marry this man.

Okay, so have you ever… looked at a picture of someone and decided they were the one even though you know it would be a terrible marriage and you have nothing in common and you don’t even like him that much? Well yeah. All the time.

Anyway that’s what just happened with this picture.

I don’t particularly like Zach Galifinakis, because he can be crude and raunchy, but he is hilarious and his last name is Galifinakis. And he is wearing that tux awfully well. Just look at that off-camera wistful longing. I bet he’s thinking of something hysterical, like, “I wonder how many ways I could prank my best friend using those snakes that pop out of cans…”

Just so everyone knows, I will not marry Zach Galifinakis, because I want my children to be able to spell their own names.

That is all.


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