Look at me now.

Okaaayyy. So It’s finals week, and I haven’t been posting much, BUT. I have found one of the most amazing musical talents of our time, I am convinced. They call themselves Karmin. It is a guy and a super cute girl from like, Maine I think? Who knew that things happened in Maine, amirite??

Anyway I’ve been going through a bit of a hip-hop phase lately, and these two, have nailed everything I love about hip-hop, and also not being the type that really likes hip-hop that much. (you can tell I’m a square because I’m using hyphens in the middle of “hip-hop”)

I just love when artists play around with musical stereotypes. Like, acoustic Britney Spears? Genius. Soulful Katy Perry? Yes, please. So now, Karmin has continued this trend of exploring genres. Okay enough about that. Watch and see what I’m talking about.

Now, I understand that not everyone is down with that kind of thing. I can totally understand if you don’t love this. SO. For you, they have written some lovely original songs. Which, I also love a ton. Watch this one.

Y’all, I just cannot get over how adorable, quirky, lovely, and talented these two are. I think I am in love.

Visit their website, like them on facebook, follow them on twitter…. or don’t. I mean, I did. But it’s whatever.

That is all.


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