Hello. My name is Kayla. You may not remember me, but sometimes I write on my blog. Enough about me though. Let’s talk more about me.

This year, so far, is great. I’m learning a lot, I’m growing even more, and you know what else? I’m happy.

This may not seem like a revolutionary thought to most of you, but I struggle sometimes just to be happy. I tend to be anxious or worried or stressed or discontent, but right now, I am at peace. It’s this amazing kind of peace that makes me smile and puts my mind at ease. And, since this is my blog and you are already here, I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned from being happy.

Maybe happy isn’t about perfect. Maybe happy isn’t about ideal. Maybe happy is just that… happy. And what else? Happy is good.  It doesn’t matter if things are happening that are out of your control. It doesn’t matter if you have to wait for your promise or if you aren’t exactly the person you wanted to be yet. Because God, who makes all things, delights in us. He, the creator of the universe and master of everything, wants for us… to be happy.

So, here it is: do what makes you happy. I worry too much about the future. If all is right with the Father, and He is happy, then so am I.

That is all.


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