A day in the love.

I’ve been desperately trying to come up with fun things to write about lately… But the thing is, I think I’m learning too much. Like, I’m having a blast, really. But I’m experiencing life in a way that renders me incapable of scouring the internets for funny things and lol’s.

So, unfortunately, instead of silly cats or miracle products, I have more life lessons to share. Bear with me, one day I will again be my hilarious self.

The lesson of the day is this: It’s okay to be a little different. It’s okay to like a boy who isn’t like the other dude bros your friends like. It’s okay to be involved on campus instead of sitting around talking about how lame everything is. It’s okay to care about things when your friends are like “whatever”.

It’s not about cool points. Who are these cool people anyway? I can love them and care about them, but in the end, I choose to invest my life in things far more significant. I choose to associate with people who will make me better, not worse. I know, I know, it’s the age old teenage-peer-pressure message, but even in college it rings true. maybe more so, because your parents aren’t around. 

All I’m saying is that the things, the people, the circumstances in my life are ones that I’m happy with. And what else? I think God’s happy too.  Because I have people in my life that lift me up. I’m doing things with my life that I’m proud of.

That is all.

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