Who is naming daddy long legs?

I have found my new favorite person. His name is Flula. Flula is a German man who is in America, just trying to make it. Now, of course you know I am an English major, so I am thoroughly fascinated at his journey through learning our beautiful language. Unfortunately for Flula, we have some troubling idioms. Watch.

And now watch this.

This poor man just doesn’t understand. I hope he finds some relief. I am truly sorry Flula, that we are confusing your poor German self. Go eat some badgers for relief.

He makes a good point, you know. When something is reliable, we say that it came “straight from the horse’s mouth”. Who is a reliable talking horse? Mr. Ed was an actor and so clearly a liar. When information is leaked, it is said that we “let the cat out of the bag”. Who puts cats into bags? Serial killers and freaks! Not just people who can’t keep secrets. And when something is expensive, we say that we “pay through the nose”. That is really gross, you guys. Don’t put money up your nose.

Anyway, English is weird, amazing, wonderful and also it is my true love. Sorry, Flula. But German is weird too.

That is all.


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