I just started watching this show. And by “just”, I mean like 7 hours ago. 20120704-195755.jpgI haven’t stopped watching since. It’s so good. But as I just finished the tenth episode and looked outside to see the sun starting to come up, I realized something about myself: I have an obsessive personality. And my that I

mean I get started in something and I can’t stop. I start a show and watch until I’ve watched all the episodes available, I start a book and I stay up until all hours of the night until I finish, i spend untold hours looking up youtube videos of baby sloths, etc.


I see now, too, that this obsessiveness translates into all of my life. I start planning my future, and I completely obsess about unknowns. I get into a relationship, and I completely

obsess about whether or not he’s “the one”. It’s just… It’s ridiculous. So, starting now, I’ve decided to pick up a new obsession. I’m going to obsess over: (wait for it) not obsessing. That’s right. I’m going to totally focus my undivided attention on chilling out. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

btw, the show I’m currently obsessing over? Lie to Me. I am way more than loving it. I’m, well, obsessed.

Maybe someday I’ll obsess about blogging again.

That is all.


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