You must follow your heart.

Lately I’ve been thinking. I mean, not that I don’t always do that or whatever. But lately I’ve been really contemplating life, which of course, means I’ve been listening to melancholy music.  And in that contemplation, I have rediscovered a song that really speaks to me. It’s called “Against the Grain” by City and Color. Check out the first verse:

You need not to climb mountaintops,
You need not to cross the sea,
You need not to find a cure for everything that makes you weak.
You need not to reach for the stars when life becomes so dark,
And when the wind does blow against the grain,
You must follow your heart,
You must follow your heart.

Now, I don’t mean to over spiritualize things, but as I listened, I couldn’t help but think of how the phrase “follow your heart”. Usually I hate that sort of thing… mamby pamby listen to your feelings garbage. But then, If you think, we Christians say that Christ is “in our hearts”… So, by that token, we should follow our hearts. Not our weak emotions, but the Lord of our hearts. Our comforter and peace. The Christ who lives at the core of our being. The master of our souls.

I’m sure that this all just seems elementary to you, but for me it was an “aha” moment. Listen as Dallas Green unwittingly reveals Biblical truth.

Isn’t it beautiful? You must follow your heart. You must follow your Christ, who lives in you. I’m so glad my God lives in me, so that I have something reliable to follow.

That is all.


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