POTUS vs. Spidey

Say what you will about the president; I am not about to make a political statement of any kind. What I do want to say though is LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE THING THAT HAPPENED


I don’t really care what you believe about Obama. He is controversial, like any politician. But he is a human being and he is a person of power who just made this kid’s life.

I have no idea who this kid is, why he’s in the white house, or how this photo came to be, but I can respect a man that plays along with a costumed kid. And, as I always say when speaking of the president, nothing ever happens without God’s permission. So remember that, and pray for our president. You can agree with him, or don’t… but Barack Obama is our leader, and he and his family are real people who need real prayers.

Anyhoo… I just wanted to show a cute kid doing a cute thing and a adult playing along, cutely. So here is your daily dose of cute. From me.

That is all.


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