Barack, Donald, Jesus.

Today is the inauguration. (Side note, what a weirdly difficult word to spell.)

It is a very divisive day. I have friends on my facebook who were at the inaugural ball last night loving and cheering on our new president. I have friends who were angry and have continued to become more and more discouraged since the election and today is hard for them. I have friends who are just posting crappy memes and making jokes to try to keep things light and non-political (I usually fall in to that category).

I published a note to my facebook page in November of 2008 after Obama was elected that said this:

Maybe I’m a little left wing about this, but I believe that God himself ordained for Obama to be our next president. Because God ordains EVERYTHING.

So I’m going to do what Christians should do. I’m gonna pray for the person that God put in authority over our country.

Now I edited the crap out of this just now because my freshly 18 year old first-time voter self was quite the little jerk and didn’t give a crap about punctuation. BUT I do think I still agree with the overall message.

God didn’t stay up on election night watching the news biting his fingers. God didn’t have to do a victory dance or sit in a cry room after the results were announced. God is not surprised. And He is not moved. God ordains all things.

And I also said this in that note over 8 years ago: “Our issues are not going to be resolved by a president. Only by revival.”

So for those of us who claim Christianity it is our sacred duty today and every day to do one thing for our new president. Pray. Pray hard. Pray often. Pray specifically. Pray passionately. If you are rejoicing in the streets today, continue to pray. If you are weeping or in anguish, continue to pray. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle, cautiously optimistic or carefully skeptical: pray, pray, pray.

And then you know what? Pray some more.

In the meantime, while we are waiting for the huge changes that are to come, be kind to each other. Be empathetic. Be understanding. Be loving. Be generous.


Oh, and here’s a crap meme, just for fun.









That is all.

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