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Why I Love the Bible. 

This morning I was in the sound booth, as usual, singing along to one of my favorite songs. The chorus explains how He is our rock, our shield, our strength, etc., and I was thinking about what that means to me in my life right now. It means that as a parent, I can lean on Him. As a daughter, I can Open-Bible-1024x683come to Him. As a wife, I can talk to Him. And then I got to thinking about the Bible because all of these thoughts are biblical of course. And I thought back over some of my favorite Bible stories. I thought about how different pieces of the Bible relate to my life in different ways. That’s what we mean when we say that the Bible is the “living” word of God. And wouldn’t you know it? My Dad touched on this in his sermon too.

I had a professor in my first semester of college at Evangel. When I first started his class, I honestly hated it. I thought he was weird. I thought he was one of those crazy literature professors that reads meaning into every little thing even when it isn’t supposed to be profound. He was ancient and talked about how he loved the way his wife moved through the house and the gentle timbre of her voice and other nonsense. But, as often happens, I realized that I was wrong (weird) and I grew to really appreciate him. He had a way of reading poetry that made it come alive. I once even visited he and his wife (who wasn’t nearly as enchanting as he described, but I digress) at his home and we talked about life. I learned a lot from him.

Probably the best thing I learned from him though was to read the Bible like a piece of well written literature. Read the Psalms with a poetic mind. Consider the authors and their worldview to better understand their point. The whole Bible is so rich and beautiful.

Since that class, my view of the Bible is totally changed. I see it as dynamic and I analyze it as I would any good piece of writing. And what’s so cool is that every analysis brings new truth.

lol medieval art.

I am reminded of a favorite Bible story of mine, about King David, dancing undignified before the Lord (2 Samuel 6:14). He was accused of nakedness and his wife became angry. But he didn’t care. Cool story that reminds us to care only about the Lord’s opinion. But upon deeper study, we can learn that David actually was not naked, but was wearing a thin, traditional undergarment but the robe had been stained pink with the blood of the sacrifice he offered to God. So what the others thought was shame and nakedness was actually evidence of a grateful celebration to the God who had brought them safely through a battle. Even cooler at that deeper level.

The Bible describes itself as he bread of life. Nourishment. But there is an admonishment in the New Testament about living off of the milk instead of digging deeper into the meat that’s there. (Hebrews 5:12) The Bible is at once milk, made for baby Christians and those with little understanding, and a thick, rich, juicy steak, for the mature and seasoned believers. How can it be that a book – written by forty different authors in three different continents over two centuries – how can it be that this book is consistently challenging to us no matter what season of life we are in?

There is no answer except divine intervention. I love that my favorite verses can bring me to tears even today after over a decade of life as a Christian. I love that as my experience in life changes, so does the understand and beauty of the truths within the pages of an ancient book.

There are times that I neglect reading the Bible because life happens. But I love when I pick it back up because I learn so much every time. I pray that you find yourself as enamored with the truth as I do.

That is all.


To be thankful.

I want to share a thing I saw today. Besides a surly group of 10-13 year olds.  Today as I was getting my lunch, thinking about all that I have to do today and things of that nature, I took notice to the homeless man standing on the corner of the intersection asking for help. I see him every now and again, always standing on the same corner. He has a marvelous beard and an impressive collection of Black Sabbath t-shirts. Today what was interesting to me though was that a young kid came up and gave him a paper bag (presumably with food in it). The kid just handed it to him and walked away. Then, the homeless man thanked the kid, gave the bag to the woman sitting on the ground next to him, and clasped his hands together, looked at the sky, and said thank you. He thanked God for the sustenance he had just received, and it was totally genuine. It made me think… how often do I do that?


Now I know that all good little Christian boys and girls say grace before eating. “God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food…” Right. But how long has it been since we actually stopped what we were doing and gave thanks to our creator? When is the last time we considered all of the great things He has done for us and understood how miraculous they are?

We should really stop and think about all He has done and offer him gratitude. It’s the least we can do.

That is all.



I’ve been having some beautiful thoughts lately. And no, I haven’t just been looking up pictures of the Hemsworth brothers. Although now I am, and my are these some beautiful thoughts I’m having. I mean… wow. What a gene pool.

But seriously. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Grace and redemption. And the only thing that keeps coming to my mind is: I serve a beautiful God. I serve a God who is more artistic, creative, and poetic than all the artists and writers that have ever existed. I serve a God who has expertly woven the strands of individual lives together to create one giant portrait of His love. I serve a God who is infinitely faithful, infinitely gracious, and infinitely good. I serve a God who has chosen to direct my steps to bring me to where I am today, even though I deserve nothing.

I love the part in Romans 8 where Paul says this:

31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? 33 Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. 34 Who then is the one who condemns? No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.

It’s easy to say”God is good” off-handedly. In fact, many churches practice saying it ritually, as a congregation. Now don’t misunderstand me, I think that’s great. A constant reminder that God is, in fact, good. But I have come to realize that one can only understand minuscule portions of that goodness. God has taken the trash of our lives, and molded it into something beautiful and wonderful. God has taken my trash, and turned it around to bless me with it. God took all of my arrogance, pride, and shame, and made it into something that reads like poetry. And what’s more? He specifically chose me to be blessed and highly favored. Even though He knew all along how I would treat him. And that is beautiful, true love.

I am deeply and irreversibly in love with this God who gives me more than I could ever deserve. And I am humbled and in awe of the God that has protected me from everything I really do deserve. I guess you could just say I’m overwhelmed by Him these days. And I hope that never changes.

That is all.


He is God.

Alright, I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties. I’ve haven’t been on in so long that the layout of my home page changed and I’m struggling to figure it out. But, enough with the boring things.

I was cleaning my room and I found this poem that I wrote a couple months ago. I was going through a rough time and everything was dry and dull. I went to the lake one afternoon and just sat in my car and was talking to God about it… and He gave me this. I want to share it now.

Every day the sun will rise
And every day the sun will set
Every day the earth will turn


For He is God.


Every day there’s air to breathe
And every day there’s life to live
Every day there’s dreams to dream


And He is God.


There are times I fight to trust Him
There are times I choose to doubt
There are times when it seems pointless


But He is God.


He has given hope to cling to
He has given Love to share
He has given life its meaning


He is God. 

I can’t express in words how much it meant to me when I wrote it, but I’m sure you could imagine.  And since this point, God has given me a whole lot of joy and validation that I needed.  He is faithful.

Anyhow, I hope your summer is lovely. Mine is insane and full of kids of all ages, just the way I like it. I’ve missed my blog.

That is all.


You can’t have one without the other.

It seems to me that hope is a quality often mentioned, but rarely discussed. It’s a virtue which we all know we should possess, but when it comes right down to it, it’s one of the hardest things to grasp. In Utopia, hope is the force that drives all men. Hope keeps love alive and encourages truth and goodness to press on. Hope keeps fair maiden singing in the tallest tower, and hope keeps bold knight ever searching for her.

But really… Life is real. As much as we might want there to be a pure, untouched hope that will someday triumph… As much as our souls may cry “true love conquers all!” We are only human.  We are fickle, we are weak, we are untrue.  Disappointment is too common and hardship too expected. Are you sad yet?

Here’s the good news. God, the Almighty, knows all about our struggle for hope. here’s what the Bible has to say about it.

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust (or hope) in you. Isaiah 26:3

God is not a human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? Numbers 23:19

God, the one and only— I’ll wait as long as he says. Everything I hope for comes from him, so why not? Psalm 62:5

The thing about hope… We are allowed to have it. You could even say that we are… required to hope. He made it so.

There are times in your life when you could  choose to get discouraged… You could choose to be downcast… or you could choose to give glory to the God of hope. Everything you hope for comes from him anyway.

Bottom line here is… be brave. Take courage. Hope is scary. But the kind of scary that will someday wrap its strong arms around you and say, “Thank you for not giving up.” And then it won’t be so scary anymore.

I am eternally grateful for the situations, things, and people in my life. I learn so much everyday. I am blessed beyond belief. And with His help, I will be brave. I will take courage. I will have hope.

That is all.


P is for promises.

As last year ends and this year begins, I am taking time to reflect. God did some amazing things in and through me last year. One of the most notable things in my mind, however, is his promises. He has been so faithful to remind me of my promises and to give me peace when I needed it most.

It’s easy to forget God’s sovereign provision, but thankfully, He gently reminds us that He is still on the throne. I have been blessed with some of the most amazing friends and family that anyone could ever ask for. I know that I’m where I’m supposed to be and that this is a very unique time in my life. I will treasure it always.

This semester’s theme in Student congress is follow-through. I would like to share with you a verse that I believe God has given me on the subject:

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.  We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized.” (Hebrews 6:10-11 NIV)

God is always faithful, always just, and always aware of our efforts. When we diligently seek to follow Him, He will take notice. He will acknowledge us. And He will bless us. He will keep His promises. He will sustain.

I thank God that in this season of my life, even when I forget, He has it all figured out. I don’t need to worry about a thing. I can focus on simply seeking His face and the rest will fall into place.

We serve a great and faithful God.

That is all.


I’m a dabbler.

Lately, there has been a whole lot of emotion being thrown around. This semester went from perfectly normal and wonderful to absolutely insane and just… surreal.

So I’ve been writing. A lot. I want to share a poem.

Keep it together, dear.
You are strong.
Love is the only thing that lasts forever.

Take heart, young one.
Tomorrow is coming.
Love is the only thing that lasts forever.

Give thanks to God.
He is Love.
Love is the only thing that lasts forever.

It’s just one of many. But I feel like it’s a good one.

That is all.